Enjoy the luxury of the most versatile outdoor entertaining weather management system. The ultimate in dining and entertaining sophistication. Combines perfectly with our curtain system to create a true outdoor room experience.

  • Total versatility. Open, close, or move the roof position to suit your mood.
  • Impress your friends and guests with the sophistication and novelty of an automated roof system. Like a scene from a Bond film!
  • Dine in luxurious comfort no matter what’s happening with the weather.
  • Beautiful streamlined modern design. A sleek and stylish addition to your property.
  • Open the roof to enjoy the sun in the colder months. Also great for BBQ and smoking areas.
  • Experience the magic of open sky evening dining under starlight.
  • Close the roof and curtains for an intimate outdoor room environment.
  • The waterproof fabric roof provides rain and sun protection, and protects your guests from 100% of harmful UV light.
  • Terrific complement to swimming pools and wet areas. Helps to manage the pool temperature and provide shade on demand.

Nothing comes close to Alfresco quality

  • Fit with curtains for wind and rain free dining.
  • Top quality European waterproof PVC roof fabric
  • Gutter system available for added comfort.
  • High strength lightweight aluminium frame.
  • Fully motorised roof movement system. Reposition at the touch of a button.
  • Straightforward Council compliance.
  • Accessories – lights, speakers, heaters, cooling systems and more.